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Children's dentistry

Children's dentistry
Dentist showing child how to brush teethWe believe it is vital to help children care for their teeth from an early age as this will give their teeth and gums the best possible start and will help children to be aware of the importance of their dental health.

We would normally suggest that young children should initially come along to the surgery whilst a parent or guardian is attending a routine appointment. This will allow the child to gradually familiarise him or herself with the surroundings of the dental practice. There are children's books in our waiting room to keep them entertained.

In addition to regular periodic examinations, special advice or treatments are sometimes required for children's' teeth.
  • If fissures are deep on permanent teeth then sealants are sometimes required. These are a very thin plastic coating which is painted onto the permanent back molars, helping to prevent decay.
  • Diet and cleaning advice may be required.
  • As the child's adult teeth grow, straightening (orthodontics) may sometimes be necessary.
We are able to offer after-school afternoon appointments.
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